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Educational Measurement

Michael C. Rodriguez
Professor, Quantitative Methods in Education
Campbell Leadership Chair in Education & Human Development


EPSY 5221 Principles of Educational & Psychological Measurement (each Fall)
EPSY 5244 Survey Design, Sampling, & Implementation (each Fall)
EPSY 5245 Advanced Survey Data Analysis
(not scheduled)
EPSY 8224 Performance Assessment
(not scheduled)
EPSY 8225 Operational Measurement
(not scheduled)
EPSY 8226 Item Response Theory
(from 2017)
EPSY 8268 Hierarchical Linear Modeling
(from 2017)
EPSY 8269 Matrix Algebra for Statistical Modeling
(Not scheduled)

NOTE: These courses are no longer being taught by Dr. Rodriguez. Search the umn.edu course catalog or schedule builder for future offerings with other instructors. Course materials available here are provided through the Creative Commons licensing agreement - as noted on the content pages.


Student Resources

Surviving Group Projects


Assessment Challenges

Meeting the needs of students with disabilities and emerging multilingual learners [National Center on Educational Outcomes]

Culturally responsive instruction for American Indian students [Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation]

Culturally responsive teaching and the brain [Z. Hammond Podcast]

G: The miseducation of Larry P (Episode 1; RadioLab Podcast; addresses IQ testing of Black children)

G: Problem space (Episode 2; RadioLab Podcast)

G: Relative genius (Episode 3: RadioLab Podcast)

Immigrant Student Experience in Worthington MN [Washington Post]

Measurement Organizations